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Dr Ch Subrahmanyam Associate Professor
Prof K.V.L. Subramaniam Professor and Head
Prof Faiz Ahmed Khan Professor and Head
Dr Kishalay Mitra Associate Professor
Dr G Prabusankar Associate Professor
Dr Renu John Associate Professor and Head
Dr S Sireesh Associate Professor
Dr Kirti Chandra Sahu Associate Professor and Head
Dr D S Sharada Associate Professor


A Ubiquitin-Binding Domain in Cockayne Syndrome B ...

Author: Anindya, R. and Mari, P.-O. and Kristensen, U. and Kool, H. and Giglia-Mari, G. and Mullenders, L.H. and Fousteri, M. and Vermeulen, W. and Egly, J.-M. and Svejstrup, J.Q.

A facile protocol for the synthesis of 3-aminoimid...

Author: Vidyacharan, S. and Shinde, A.H. and Satpathi, B. and Sharada, D.S.

Face recognition using bacterial foraging strategy...

Author: Rutuparna Panda and Manoj Kumar Naik and B. K. Panigrahi

Kinetics of hydrodeoxygenation of stearic acid usi...

Author: Kumar, P. and Yenumala, S.R. and Maity, S.K. and Shee, D.

N-heterocyclic carbene supported heavier group 14 ...

Author: Prabusankar, G. and Sathyanarayana, A. and Suresh, P. and Naga Babu, C. and Srinivas, K. and Metla, B.P.R.

1,3-dipolar cycloaddition on baylis-hillman adduct...

Author: Bakthadoss, M., Sivakumar, N., Devaraj, A., Sharada, D.S.

P-P bond activation of P4 tetrahedron by group 13 ...

Author: Prabusankar, G. and Doddi, A. and Gemel, C. and Winter, M. and Fischer, R.A.

Effect of nanoclay on the toughness of epoxy and m...

Author: Krushnamurty, K. and Srikanth, I. and Rangababu, B. and Majee, S.K. and Bauri, R. and Subrahmanyam, C.