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Dr Sunil K Maity

Professor Steam reforming and oxidative steam reforming, Hyd... View Profile

Dr Vinod Janardhanan

Professor Chemically reacting flows, elementary heterogeneou... View Profile

Dr Saptarshi Majumdar

Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Kirti Chandra Sahu

Professor Raindrops, Bubbles, Multiphase flows, Hydrodynamic... View Profile

Dr Kishalay Mitra

Professor Machine Learning, Optimal control, Optimization un... View Profile

Dr Parag D. Pawar

Associate Professor Cell adhesion and motility, multiscale modeling of... View Profile

Dr Anand Mohan

Associate Professor Hemodynamics and Hemostasis, Non-Newtonian Fluid M... View Profile

Dr Narasimha Mangadoddy

Associate Professor Comminuation and classification, Fluidization, Com... View Profile

Dr Chandra Shekhar Sharma

Associate Professor Hierarchial Nanostructured Carbon Materials and Ca... View Profile

Dr Phanindra Varma Jampana

Associate Professor Compressed Sensing, Applications of compressed sen... View Profile

Dr Debaprasa Shree

Associate Professor Catalysis over supported metals and metal oxides, ... View Profile

Dr Lopamudra Giri

Associate Professor Mathematical modeling of cell signaling network, S... View Profile

Dr Devarai Santhosh Kumar

Associate Professor iochemical and bioprocess development of therapeut... View Profile

Dr Balaji Iyer

Associate Professor Biomimetic Materials: Modeling and computational a... View Profile

Dr Praveen Meduri

Associate Professor Photoelectrochemical water splitting, Solar fuels,... View Profile

Dr Satyavrata Samavedi

Associate Professor Biomaterials, Polymer physics/characterization, Dr... View Profile

Dr Shelaka Gupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Heterogeneous catalysis Biomass Density Function... View Profile

Dr Ramkarn Patne

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) His research interests are in the fields of hydrod... View Profile

Dr Suhanya Duraiswami

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Microfluidics, Microreaction engineering, Biodiagn... View Profile

Dr Vikrant Verma

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Multiphase Flow Reactors Fluidized beds CFD & DE... View Profile

Dr Alan Ranjit Jacob

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Soft Matter Colloids and Interfaces 3D Printing ... View Profile