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Dr M Deepa

Professor Synthesis and electrochemistry of transition metal... View Profile

Dr Tarun Kanti Panda

Professor Inorganic Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry, Cat... View Profile

Prof Faiz Ahmed Khan

Professor Transition Metal-mediated reactions in organic syn... View Profile

Dr G Prabusankar

Professor Organometallic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Subrahmanyam Challapalli

Professor Catalysis Nanomaterials Energy Systems... View Profile

Dr Satyanarayana G

Professor Transition-metal catalysis Development of new met... View Profile

Dr D. S. Sharada

Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry - Photo redox catalysi... View Profile

Dr Surendra Kumar Martha

Associate Professor Physical Chemistry especially Materials Science, E... View Profile

Dr Bhabani S. Mallik

Associate Professor Computational and Theoretical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Somnath Maji

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Synthetic Coordination/Bio-Inorganic/Organometalli... View Profile

Dr Surajit Maity

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Spectroscopic characterization of non-covalently b... View Profile

Dr Jai Prakash

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Inorganic Chemistry, Strongly Correlated Materials... View Profile

Dr Ashutosh Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Bioorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Venkata Rao Kotagiri

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Functional Organic Materials and Supramolecular Ch... View Profile

Dr Krishna Gavvala

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Biophysical Approach to Study Protein-DNA/RNA Inte... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Computational Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Magne... View Profile

Dr Narendra Kurra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My research interests include probing the fundamen... View Profile

Dr Koyel Banerjee Ghosh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Electrochemistry, Molecular electronics, Surface c... View Profile