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Prof Ashudeb Dutta

Professor Analog Circuit Design, RFIC, Semiconductor Devices... View Profile

Prof P Rajalakshmi

Professor Wireless communications, Wireless sensor networks,... View Profile

Dr Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari

Professor Biosensors, Lab on Chip applications, VLSI Technol... View Profile

Prof Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan

Professor primary arears of interest include space-time codi... View Profile

Dr Sushmee Badhulika

Professor Nanomaterials, devices and circuits... View Profile

Prof K Siva Kumar

Professor Multilevel inverters, open-end winding induction m... View Profile

Dr Amit Acharyya

Professor Signal Processing Algorithm and VLSI Architectures... View Profile

Prof Shiv Govind Singh

Professor 3-D ICs technology Development (Interconnects, ele... View Profile

Prof Sumohana S. Channappayya

Professor Image and Video Quality Assessment, Multimedia Com... View Profile

Prof Kiran Kuchi

Professor Communication theory, Signal processing for commun... View Profile

Dr Vaskar Sarkar

Associate Professor Power system restructuring, voltage stability, tra... View Profile

Dr G. V. V. Sharma

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Power Electronics, Blockchain... View Profile

Dr Sundaram Vanka

Associate Professor Mathematical modeling, simulation and prototyping ... View Profile

Dr Abhinav Kumar

Associate Professor Wireless communications and networking, green cell... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar Yemula

Associate Professor Smart Grids, Power System Control Centers, Informa... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Nayak

Associate Professor Integrated Microelectronic Devices, Electron Devic... View Profile

Prof Soumya Jana

Associate Professor Biomedical Signal Processing, Network Information ... View Profile

Dr Sri Rama Murty Kodukula

Associate Professor Signal Processing,Speech Analysis,Pattern Recognit... View Profile

Dr Ravikumar Bhimasingu

Associate Professor Computer-aided power system analysis and modeling,... View Profile

Dr Naresh Emani

Associate Professor Nanophotonics, Mid-Infrared Devices, Integrated Op... View Profile

Dr Ketan Detroja

Associate Professor Fault detection and diagnosis, Statistical (proces... View Profile

Dr Vishal Sawant

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) His broad research area is Control Systems and his... View Profile

Dr Jose Titus

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) His research interests are in the fields of electr... View Profile

Dr Seshadri Sravan Kumar V

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Grid Connected Renewable Energy Systems, Micro Gri... View Profile

Dr Shashank Vatedka

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Electrical Communication Engineering... View Profile

Dr Oves Badami

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Semiconductors physics Computational nanoelectron... View Profile

Dr Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Low-power nanoelectronic devices: steep-slope (sub... View Profile

Dr Kapil Jainwal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) His research interests are in the fields of Analog... View Profile

Dr Rupesh Wandhare

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Renewable Ener... View Profile

Dr Gajendranath Chowdary (Chaudhury)

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Analog and radio-frequency IC design, full-duplex ... View Profile

Dr Aditya Siripuram

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Signal Processing, Speech Analysis, Recognition an... View Profile

Dr Shishir Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Bionanosensors, Nanofluidics, Large scale microflu... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) coding techniques and information theory... View Profile

Prof Uday B Desai

Emeritus Professor Wireless Communication,Cognitive Radio,Wireless Se... View Profile