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Dr Balasubramaniam Jayaram

Professor Connectives in Multivalued-Logic, Approximate Reas... View Profile

Dr Challa Subrahmanya Sastry

Professor Wavelets, Sparse Representation Theory and Inverse... View Profile

Dr Anantha Lakshmi Narayana P

Associate Professor Convection in Porous Media... View Profile

Dr Sukumar D

Associate Professor Functional Analysis, Banach algebra, Numerical Lin... View Profile

Dr Venku Naidu .D

Associate Professor Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis... View Profile

Dr Ramesh G

Associate Professor Functional Analysis, Operator Algebras... View Profile

Dr VG Narasimha Kumar Cheraku

Associate Professor Algebraic number theory, Automorphic forms, Modula... View Profile

Dr Sameen Naqvi

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Reliability Theory, Stochastic Orders, Applied Sta... View Profile

Dr Tanmoy Paul

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Functional Analysis, Banach space theory, Geometry... View Profile

Dr Pradipto Banerjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Number Theory, including Elementary, Classical Alg... View Profile

Dr Bhakti Bhusan Manna

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Partial Differential Equations, Variational Method... View Profile

Dr Amit Tripathi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra... View Profile

Dr Neeraj Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Ghosh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr Satya Prakash Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Optimal Design Theory, Order Restricted Experiment... View Profile

Dr Mrinmoy Datta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Dr Arunabha Majumdar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Research interests are in the fields of statistica... View Profile