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Prof Ramesh G

Professor Functional Analysis, Operator Algebras... View Profile

Prof Balasubramaniam Jayaram

Professor Connectives in Multivalued-Logic, Approximate Reas... View Profile

Prof Anantha Lakshmi Narayana P

Professor Convection in Porous Media... View Profile

Prof Challa Subrahmanya Sastry

Professor Wavelets, Sparse Representation Theory and Inverse... View Profile

Dr Pradipto Banerjee

Associate Professor Number Theory, including Elementary, Classical Alg... View Profile

Dr Sukumar D

Associate Professor Functional Analysis, Banach algebra, Numerical Lin... View Profile

Dr VG Narasimha Kumar Cheraku

Associate Professor Algebraic number theory, Automorphic forms, Modula... View Profile

Dr Tanmoy Paul

Associate Professor Functional Analysis, Banach space theory, Geometry... View Profile

Dr Venku Naidu Dogga

Associate Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Sayantee Jana

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Data mining, text mining, spatio-temporal modellin... View Profile

Dr Neeraj Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr Bhakti Bhusan Manna

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Partial Differential Equations, Variational Method... View Profile

Dr Sameen Naqvi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Reliability Theory, Stochastic Orders, Applied Sta... View Profile

Dr Amit Tripathi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra... View Profile

Dr Mrinmoy Datta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kannan

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Spectral graph theory, Matrix theory and Function... View Profile

Dr Arunabha Majumdar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Research interests are in the fields of statistica... View Profile

Dr Jyotirmoy Rana

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Bio-Fluid Mechanics, Solute dispersion, Quantum Me... View Profile

Dr Vikas Krishnamurthy

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Research interests: applied mathematics, fluid dyn... View Profile

Dr Dhriti Sundar Patra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) His research interests are in the field of Differe... View Profile

Dr Aiyappan S

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) His research interests are in the fields of Partia... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar Pradhan

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) He works in pure mathematics, in particular, in op... View Profile