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Prof Vinayak Eswaran

Professor Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat transfer... View Profile

Prof N. Venkata Reddy

Professor Analysis of Manufacturing Processes (emphasis on M... View Profile

Prof Raja Banerjee

Professor Multiphase Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodyn... View Profile

Prof Ramji M

Professor Experimental Solid Mechanics, Material Characteris... View Profile

Dr Venkatesham B

Professor Vibrations, Technical acoustics, Industrial Noise ... View Profile

Dr Venkatasubbaiah K

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Heat transf... View Profile

Prof R Prasanth Kumar

Professor Multibody Dynamics, Legged Robotics, Control Theor... View Profile

Prof Ashok Kumar Pandey

Professor Linear and Nonlinear Vibration, MEMS, NEMS, BIOMEM... View Profile

Prof S SuryaKumar

Professor Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Objects, Fabric... View Profile

Dr Badarinath Karri

Associate Professor Experimental fluid mechanics, bubble dynamics and ... View Profile

Dr Saravanan B

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Premixed and Stratified Combustio... View Profile

Dr Viswanath Chinthapenta

Associate Professor Nano and Micro-mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Cont... View Profile

Dr Harish N Dixit

Associate Professor Flows dominated by surface tension, Stability and ... View Profile

Dr Nishanth Dongari

Associate Professor Microfluidics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Compressible... View Profile

Dr Syed Nizamuddin Khaderi

Associate Professor Computational solid mechanics,Impact loading of st... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Kolhe

Associate Professor Alternative fuels, combustion, and optical diagnos... View Profile

Dr Mahesh M S

Associate Professor Aeroelasticity, Acoustic-Structure Interaction, Co... View Profile

Dr Gangadharan Raju

Associate Professor Non-destructive testing and evaluation, Structural... View Profile

Dr Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani

Associate Professor Nonlinear Dynamics and Control... View Profile

Dr Safvan Palathingal

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) ... View Profile

Dr Sachidananda Behera

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) His research interests are in the fields of Turbul... View Profile

Dr Anirban Naskar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Fields of subtractive manufacturing (machining, gr... View Profile

Dr Sayak Banerjee

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Combustion Kinetics, Mechanism Development and Red... View Profile

Dr Niranjan Shrinivas Ghaisas

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Wind Energy, Turbulent Flow Simulations, Computati... View Profile

Dr Gopinath Muvvala

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Additive Manufacturing,Laser Material Processing,U... View Profile

Dr Lakshmana Dora Chandrala

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Experimental fluid dynamics Development of optica... View Profile

Dr Ranabir Dey

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Research interests are in the fields of active sof... View Profile

Dr Sai Sidhardh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Nonlocal elasticity, Fractional Calculus, Constitu... View Profile

Dr Prakhar Gupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Multiscale modeling, Electro-mechanics, and Biomec... View Profile

Dr Vishnu R Unni

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Reactive flow dynamics, Dynamical systems theory, ... View Profile

Dr Anurup Datta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) His research interests include process monitoring ... View Profile

Dr Prabhat Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) His research interests are in the fields of Topolo... View Profile

Dr K. Gnanaprakash

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) His areas of research include Solid fuels and Meta... View Profile

Dr Chandra Prakash

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Materials Under Extreme Environment; Nano/Micro-sc... View Profile

Dr S K Karthick

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) His research interests are in the fields of experi... View Profile